Monday Muse

Life is full of hills and valley, whenever the thought to quit appears, think of how selfish you’re choosing to be!

Yesterday, after a very long walk all I could think was quoting, I convinced myself that that was all that was left, I’ve lost everything including my will, there was no reason to stay one more day! While wondering about aimlessly still fighting the evil thoughts within, I met an old friend who ironically spoke of how happy I’ve always been and she wished she had my life. She told me she wanted to have my ability to make people smile and regardless of whether I see of or not, there are a lot of people who owe their being alive and happy to me! After sharing a few stories, we parted ways and I felt so ashamed of how selfish I was, how I’m willing to throw away all the gifts I have over some very selfish reasons!

This morning, I as i was writing, I had another experience of someone very dear who is willing to sacrifice everything so I have a better life and most importantly stay alive!

I discovered that all my good sides weren’t wasted after all, that I still have a purpose that must be fulfilled, it also taught me that surrounding myself with the right people was the wisest decision ever!

Without trying to sound unAfrican its a fact that depression is perhaps the most underestimated health condition especially as an African, so adequate assistance are not usually provided, in actual sense depressed people are seen as sadist and are usually condemned and dismissed most tines with jokes that the sufferer doesn’t ‘feel’. Many won’t kill themselves but they will end up useless!

To sufferers, you’re not alone, I’m holding hands with you in the spirit of brotherhood, we shall overcome!

There’s life ahead and there’s lots of people who look up to you please don’t be so selfish, the next generation awaits you!

Have a splendid week!

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