The Grand Delusion of Age

Hello, good morning

How has your week been? I hope it has been productive!

Yesterday, during a long wait the office in charge of student affairs, I struck a conversation with a middle aged man who from observation was rounding up his bachelor’s degree, in the course of the conversation he told me of the dreams he had of someday becoming a PhD holder, but I noticed he sounded unsure of the validity of the dream. So I took it on myself to try to encourage him to chase what he believed regardless of circumstances, but I spoke with the belief that his doubt was as a result of finance, I reeled out a long list of people who weren’t financially buoyant but chased their dreams and were successful. He listened very attentively, when I was done he smiled and thanked me. He then told me how inspired he was, but he said his problem was biological hence no matter how inspired he was nothing he could do! By this point i was curious at what he meant by biological and he told me AGE!


Immediately, I remembered how a friend of mine was very depressed because her life wasn’t what she imagined and age was not on her side anymore. I also remembered many comments that highlighted how a thing couldn’t be done as a result of how young or old I was! It got me thinking, is age that powerful??

Yes, I agree that our strengths lies in our youth, but that doesn’t mean that our age is the deciding factor in choosing which dreams to accomplish! Its never too late try again and again! I believe with life we can always try one more time, the newly elected prime minister of Malaysia is 92 years!

As long as we have breath every dream remains very valid! So yes, I know she’ll see this, age shouldn’t be the reason you failed or didn’t enjoy your life! Its a sorry excuse! You’re so strong that your age is more like a tool that’ll help you accomplish your dreams!

We are neither too young or too old, the world awaits us, I’ve seen PhD holders at 25, I don’t know the details behind but I know that determination to get it is one reason they did! Snapchat, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc are results of young minds, KFC is the result of an old mind! This shows that we hold the keys, not age!

So go ahead and own life! Its yours!

Have a fun filled Friday!

2 thoughts on “The Grand Delusion of Age

  1. Good writen and I agree with you in many points, but there are still some stuffs which are limited by age. I think you know what I am writing about. But you are right, we shouldn’t give up. The life is in our hands. God bless you! Amen


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