Monday Muse: Appreciation as an incentive!

Good day readers, how was your weekend?

I hope you’re raring to go already!

I read an article by a friend of mine who talked about the effect of little things in our everyday life. I can’t agree less with him, in that vein one little thing that is often valued but overlooked is appreciation.

Some days back I had an appointment with someone, while waiting he called that he was running late due to traffic. I was glad he informed me but I was also a little annoyed because he’d have probably woken up earlier or something like that. When he finally came 30minutes later, he apologised profusely while thanking me for being so patient with him! His little gestures made me feel better. It also made our discussion better than it should have been. Plus it has made us really good friends, that’s the power of appreciation!

I know CEOs who has some of the dumbest employees but they are thriving, I know others with the brightest and they struggle to meet targets. There might be other problems but appreciation over little things cannot be ruled out!

Effects of Appreciation

  • It gives a sense of belonging to both parties
  • It fosters brotherhood, unity, comradeship etc
  • It enhances productivity as a working harmony is essential for productivity.
  • It makes both party happier.

Today is monday, a day usually associated with stress, but once you can appreciate God for life, your wife for being there, your children for greeting you, your taxi guy for driving well, your colleagues for opening the door, you tea guy for fetching tea, your boss for smiling at you, your subordinates for greeting you then that Monday stress would have reduced drastically!

Observe those little things, it what makes Great people!

Have a fruitful Monday!

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