The Value of Human Dignity

Its with a very heavy heart, great sadness, tears in my eyes that i write this piece…

It was Imelda Marcos who said ‘Life is not a matter of place, things or comfort; rather, it concerns the basic human rights of family, country, justice and human dignity.’

Unfortunately, we have misplaced these necessities to the point that when its pointed out, we take offence and twists the narrative till we are unconscious of the truth.

In Africa for example we have lost sight of our rights that when someone promise us these same rights, we flip over and celebrate these ‘heroes’.

In our daily interactions these basics has so over looked that its value has been blurred hence it’s not new to see people appreciate and almost worship when the human vents we owe ourselves are being paid. We claim to help a beggar while actually making him or her feel like a beggar, which shouldn’t be. One of the major debts we owe our fellow human is Respect and unless Respect is present in anything we do, then we’re only feeding our egos.

Its been a while I posted my usual rants as its called in some quarters and it would be shocking that this is what I felt like posting as my come back (hopefully), hence I’d drop a snippet of the backstory.

My dreams of someday living the life I deserve as a human, free and adventurous has been largely kept alive by someone I’ve never met but has made so many unspeakable sacrifices for my sake, and without mincing words I can say I owe her my life and she’s most of the reason I’m still able to type today. Unfortunately today she made suggestions that i accept help regardless of what it’s cost me, even my dignity as a human being should be ignored, words were thrown (which I regret and I sincerely apologise).

With that in perspective, was I wrong to insist on humanity?? Should the fact that one is helpless, deprive one of dignity?? Does that fact that a helpless man insist on respect mean he’s egotist??

feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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