Play with me not your cellphones…

Hello, welcome to 2019!

As i sat and reminisced about how the year 2018 was, how much blood, tears, sweat, disappointments, i had. I still remember the smiles, laughs, love. Of everything that happened, i can’t complain or cry because it might seem the ‘bads’ of 2018 was more than the ‘goods’ but they made e who i am today, they gave me more hope than ever and i know it also brought about a new you!

Many welcome to 2019!

Lets talk business of the day…

On 15 September last year in the German town of Hamburg, about 150 kids took to the streets to protest the excessive use of smartphones by… Wait for it… Their parents!

Wow! Infact one of the placards held by 7year old Emil read ‘play with me not your cellphones’! Its appalling that most parents now prefer their ‘moneys’ to their ‘bodys’, they prefer their instastories to dinning table chats, they prefer their Facebook status to the status of the relationship with their kids. Hence its common place to see parents on their device all day! This has led to a sadder generation of children who find solace on the missinformation of the internet and the addictive yet destructive comfort of smartphones!

Add to that the longer hours at multiple jobs, and the sure exhaustion from the stress that follows, we are subconsciously making massive strides towards the saddest generation ever!

The technology has so destroyed people that the vitriolic content being spewed by people behind the keyboard is at such an alarming rate that countless cases of suicide has been recorded simply because someone has run people down to feel good! It has also led to countless misrepresentation of events that has spoiled reputations and in some cases taken lives!

Sadly, this is just a microcosm of the problem of the society at large, love of technology, at the expense of human interactions (yeah, we even had a sex robot), while I’m in no way against technology as without it, this post and a whole lot of other things wont be possible, but dear friends, is it worth the loss of relationships??

This year, we can decide to continue descending this catastrophic depths at the expense of our joy or we can regulate our use of relationship blockers! Its up to you to break the addiction that is alienating families!

I hope this year is a blessing to you!

Happy new year fams!

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