The Art Of Quitting!

As I went through the accounts of the various apps on my device and how long has been since I last used them, mainly because I no longer feel the excitement from when I first opened the accounts, my eyes fell on my WordPress account, immediately it occurred to me that I’m just an ex-blogger, a blogger wannabe or in the actual sense of it, a blogger who quitted! Suddenly my life flashed before me, with all the props I get, the accolades, recommendations, I’m just a quitter. I quit at the slightest appearance of pressure!

I have become so good at it that i now justify it! refuse the quitter tag but quitting has been all I’ve done since I could make my own choices. All my decisions have been products of quitting! It has been so ingrained in me that i now have a committee of corner friends (people i left out of my life for no good reason), decisions i should have made (which i didn’t make for no good reason).

So I’ve accepted that all I’ve done is quit! Its safe to conclude that I’ve mastered the art of quitting! But the fact i hadn’t accepted the ‘quitter’s tag’ spelt hope to me. So i made a deal with myself to fight off the urge to quit at varying degree of pressure and I’m not doing this alone hence this is out here!

Sadly, there are millions of people out there who ‘quit for a living’ they’ve become so good at it that they now work hard at discouraging people, telling you the many ways in which whatever you plan wont work and if it does, it all boils down to ‘luck’! But in the words of the legendary Peter Dinklage of the Game of thrones series ‘the word luck undermines the lots of hardwork that has been put in place’. Hence we can agree that quitters are people who are lazy and very blind to the greatness of a lot if dreams and work!

The year is young, and alot can be achieved if we try! And trying us so hard but so is success.

So beloved what would it be? Would we continue to clap for successful people, or are we ready to inspire others??

Take the step!

Happy new year!🎉 ❤

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