The Man of The Year

Hello! Still basking in the joy of the new year? May the joy continue all year round!

We all at different times in our lives have fantasized about Perfection! We have fantasized about the perfect people, perfect situations, Mr Right, Miss Right, the ideal Parent, the Perfect gentleman etc. We have so obsessed with this idea thanksgiving have set up ceremonies to celebrate how close we’ve been to perfections on different platforms in different ways, the man of the year, student of the year, employee of the year, teacher of the year, bloggers of the year, etc. These awards have somehow helped us achieve so much or in a better sense given us the false illusions of achievements. It has helped reduced us to the most imperfect state we’ve ever been with out us even knowing. I’ll explain!

In every settings, office, schools, family etc, the race to the top has never been so intensified than it is now, we have backstabbed, just to move ahead, he have pulled down just to climb up, just to attain the heights these awards have laid down. While we applaud, it should be noted that its very painful to watch the corrupt high achiever awarded for achievements that was gotten at the expense of someone else’s life, joy etc. To the observer of such awards, it either encourages to aspire to be more corrupt since the system doesn’t mind or simply give up on the whole system!

This begs the question how do we ascertain how good we are? Isn’t it hypocritic to award the man of the yearn the bases of his results regardless of how he got them? How else do we present awards to individuals not withstanding the lots of support they had?? Lots of questions yet these are awards are given out in large quantity yearly!

Well, what I’m about is this, Envy no man! Wake up everyday with determination so you can go to bed with satisfaction! Be your own Man/Woman of the year! Inspire yourself daily! Be the man of the year you envy! Everything everyone has, cant be compared to what you have and what you are!

Backbiting, hating, pulling people down wont make you satisfied or happy! At best it would leave you on your death beds with lits of regrets and loads of people waiting with bated breath to celebrate your death!

Finally, this is a new year, and old things have passed! So let go f the baggages, regrets of the previous years it wont ho your cause in being the man of the year, get a grip! The best is yet to come!

So what would it be? Would you continue to wait for people’s stank of approval? Or are you ready to be your man of the year?

Have a nice day!

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