Enough Dreams, wake up!

Good morning, how are you? Hope you are well?!
When you close your eyes what do you see?
What’s that one thing your heart yearns for?
Why haven’t you done anything about it?
What are your dreams?
Dreams are those wishes that keeps us awake, those ambitions that occupies our every waking hours. We dream of greatness (not everyone), we want to be singers, writers, we want to start businesses, we want to write books, read books, we want to ask the person of our dreams out etc. most times we never get to make those dreams a reality due to “forces” usually beyond our control(technically the general excuses for our failures, we’d get to that).
First of all, I want to establish the fact that dreams are necessary, infact dreams are what makes reality possible. The telephones/ smart phones I’m typing with was someone’s else’s dream some years ago, the car many of you own was someone’s dream, the TV set, planes etc all originated from someone’s dream but today they’re in our lives.
Even freedom fighters work on their dreams
Cue; Revd Martin Luther King jnr; I have a dream! Donkey years later, Barrack obama became president. (there are other dreams not yet reality but its gradual).
We even dream of little things like getting a college degree, meeting the love of our lives, starting families and like my Czech friend made me realize even those dreams come true.
We can establish dreams comes true… so far we can agree it’s a fact that we all have dreams, the question then is why don’t all our dreams come true?
There are 1001 reasons why most dreams remain dreams, sadly most are inevitable and grossly underated. Permit me outline them…


I’ve had a rough draft of a book almost 7years now, somehow I haven’t been able to work on it to completion, anytime I think about continuing from where I stopped, I just get tired to the point I just forget it. This has gone for like ever! Sadly, so many people can relate cos they also at different point have had dreams they had to wake up from- not wake up to act on it but to run away from it! This has killed so many dreams, we tend to focus on the pains of the night rather than the joy of the morning. What do we do about it?

Permit me to borrow the legendary Nike slogan, just do it! Get your butts up, yeah I know it hurts, I know you still want to sleep just a little bit, but yeah sisters/brothers that’s how failures are born! I heard somewhere it doesn’t matter until it starts to hurt. So get up and chase that dream like meek mill.


I grew up with the popular maxim that procrastination is the thief of time and nothing worthwhile was ever achieved by procrastinating that which you’d have done today, somehow the human in us look for ways to procrastinate (I know that excuse is lame, but so are all procrastination excuse). Time waits for no man, apply for that job, take those classes, talk to your crush, write that book. The best time to start was last year, the second best time is NOW! Stop waiting for the perfect time, tomorrow wont be better than today. STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DREAMS!


This is a zone many of us are stuck in especially in Africa, we fear even our own ability to succeed, we fear what people will say about our dreams, we fear so much that no matter how convicted we are, we still wont act on those dreams.
We let questions like
What if we fail?
What if it doesn’t work?
What if…?
Does it matter?
Don’t you know that failures only make us stronger if we learn from it? Don’t you also know that a person who fails is better and more honorable than someone who never tried?
A sister have had dreams of disc jockeying for God knows how long, but she’s been stuck in this zone for too long (too long I must say) if it keeps you up, just do it. It doesn’t matter if you fail, in fact, a person who tries did not fail. Regardless of what happens, nobody understands etc just chase that dream!


The holy book said ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge most times the limit to our dreams is the limit of our knowledge, our ignorance most times serves as hindrance to actualization of our dreams. We want to be musicians but we don’t even know the first step to playing music, we don’t know our audience, we just assumes Davido, Burna boy or WizKid did it so we imitate them, we have no idea how to market our products, we don’t know how to project ourselves.
Whatever your dreams entails, get knowledge, read, it wont kill you! Ask questions! Understudy somebody, google or whatever , just get knowledge or those your dreams will only remain in your sleep!


One of the major reasons African dreams don’t fly is finance!
We have good songs, we need money to promote it, radios request money to play it, show promoters request money to put you on stage, no label willing to gamble, resources are scarce- its an all too familiar story. You want to go to school, the fees are depressing, you want to start a business, you need money to package properly so you can compete with with already established names, you apply for a business loan, wahala, bank sees your idea as trash or a joke. This is the circle we’ve been used to time and time again. Sadly!! While our dreams burns in our hearts, we should be creative in our capital, save what you can, invest what you can. Chase your dreams with your heart but also use your head. Never despise little beginning , start small, eventually you’d grow! I see throwback pictures of big businesses and I’m marveled! The Microsoft’s, Apple’s, Amazon’s, Alibabas, etc started so small that nobody saw how big they’d be except probably the guys at the helm.


This point is an after thought but its still very important. Watch people you call friends. Watch your crowd! If your crowd is not real with you then most likely your dreams will die. Your crowd should be your support system, your fans, they should cheer your successes but point out your flaws, run away from yes men! And equally runaway from over critical people! Your friends should be willing to support you (especially emotionally, you’d need it)


This is not exhaustive as I don’t believe any will ever be, but greatness is in us all. There are no failures, just successes that stopped or didn’t even try!
There’s a school of thought that believes that if you so badly need something you’d find a way to get it, well, yes. But so many times, many of us have found inventive ways to avoid the guilt trips of us failing ourselves, that’s a story for another day!
What we should always remember is this
If you can chase that dream, you’d always succeed- regardless of the numerous pitfalls.
You’re a success!


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